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Some Animation.

2014-10-15 14:11:26 by M-Maher

I make shit animation, check it.

M-Maher's 7 steps.

2014-06-15 23:45:08 by M-Maher

(Ver. 1.10)

Hello, I am M-Maher also known as Mark Maher (my real name) and Verbank Sleyher (my stage name), if you like my art and enjoy the style of it then you're in luck, today, in this post I'm going to show you around how I make the things I make, now this isn't going to go into any design ethics I think I'll save that for later, instead I'm going to illustrate to you how my art is made, below you'll see an image, it is my process broken down into 7 different stages, and below that are explinations on each stage, I made this tutorial not as a decliration of "this is how you are supposed to make art" but rather I want this to be something that I can use to communicate my style to other artists and allow them to understand where I come from in an artistic sense.

NOTE: If you choose to follow this please know I do my art in photoshop CS5



  1. Framework Sketch
    The framework sketch is simply the base sketch that establishes what the image is going to look like, in this stage I abstain from any detail and sketch the image out quickly, this is so I may encourage myself to actually finish the drawing as it works as a guide for the finished product and doesn't leave me stopping and starting every so often to work out how something will look.
  2. Design and Detail
    After the first stage I begin to finally clean up the linework and add in little details here and there like panel lines or armour segments and other such features, I also try to define shapes that were drawn in the first stage and work on them more to be what I want them to be.

    In this stage while drawing robots and mechs I go through many different head designs until I find a design I like, additionally I remove any lines that do not make sense in terms of perspective and I eliminate any segments that I consider too much design, I like to make things simple.
  3. Enviromental colouration
    Using opacity 75% over a white background with a colour I go over the entire image, the reason I do this is because the colouration of the enviroment you're painting will effect your colour palette so going over it first  with a colour of the same hue will allow you to effect the colours your using without mixing (given you're using pressure sensitivity and opacity) this speeds up painting the image as you can use the background to your advantage instead of having to figure out what colour would fit where. 
  4. Object, scene and character colouration
    In this stage I go over features in the picture with colours I want them to turn out as. the process is done in a hurry, I ignore shading as that is for stage 6 and 7 and I ignore edges as the entire segment is supposed to be of that hue and since the circle paint brush is not very good at tackling corners I am forced to scribble outside the lines to get the effect I want.

    Thanks to stage 3 the colours will be more uniform given that they're applied properly, this means applying with opacity on, previously I used to go over an entire character/object with black if they were up close to the "camera" and then apply the colours, if you feel this helps you out then have a go at it, personally I stopped doing it out of both lazyness and my "no black for shading" rule which dictates that I avoid black like a plague, I do this simply because a darker colour has a better look to it than black.
  5. Clean up
    Cleaning the image after colouration is needed since, as stated in stage 4, I have to go outside the lines to get the effect I want, during cleaning I can again make lines more defined but this time with colour.

    Stage 6 can usually be started on certain segments as cleaning is finished on them and I usually work in stages 5, 6 and 7 at the same time as a time saving technique. 
  6. Shading
    like in real painting I usually plot out where shade is and reflection is with just plops of colour quickly dabbed in place, this works to setup for stage 7and also distinquishes light direction and confirm that the colours chosen for the darks and the lights work well with the already established colours. 
  7. Blending and highlights
    The final step is blending the colours from stage 6 and adding highlights and colour reflection to the image, I enjoy this part the most however it is the most time consuming of the 7 stages and can become a bit of a chore as time goes on, this stage gives the image real shape and perspective as opposed to the first 2 stages and actually makes the image seem real (in a sense) and gives it that 3D quality.


Yo Tetsujin 28 is hype

2013-12-14 00:04:01 by M-Maher

Holy shit, you mother fuckers thought Mazinger Z was old? you ain't seen nothing yet, from the 1960's in glorious black and white is motherfucking Tetsujin 28, this thing right here plays grandfather to many of your favourites, Big O? Gao Gai Gar? Evangelion? Brave Raideen? motherfucker this shit right here is where it kicked off, you got your main character, he's a boy wonder detective, yes, fucking really, its got that sort of delicious cheese in it, fuck! its rife with delicious cheese and its so good, kid stops crime with a giant robot, you can't get any better than that and the awkward 60's animation makes it better, imagine speed racer but in black and white and about robots, get your friends around, hook your PC up to your TV and watch the shit out of this because it will rock your socks off.

Animal crossing is fun!

2012-08-07 23:57:38 by M-Maher


Animal crossing is fun!

How am nuse? Al-one

2012-08-02 08:25:13 by M-Maher

Hi, I speakest the einglishes.

So this AL-one thing, the fuck was I doing again? I dunno, I think ill just wing it, I didn't get 5 GCSE's by studying that's for sure, I mean ive got an idea'n'all but the idea is more about showing rather than telling and I want to get a balance of the two rather than one being dominant, I dunno Ive always read that, showing is better than telling in the visual arts but comics are a hybrid, they're a hybrid of telling AND showing.

My main problem is I still haven't decided on a couple of things but I have setup main plot points of the story, I just have to string them together like a tailor, that's the idea anyway, I think my problem in story telling is that I ramble, A-FUCKIN-LOT, Its a habit, but that's attributed to my verbose nature.

This used to be soo easy back in the day, I'd just draw one thing and everything associated with it I'd immediately have an idea for, now the ideas no long flow like the waterfall they once were, it seems a dam built by an adult's development filters this torrent.

I guess its because I'm not familiar with the tone, dark, gritty dirty, the social devolution of human and the crisis of identity, not to mention the human reaction to loneliness, thinking about it I may have accidentally made a commentary on individualism in the modern world....wait.......what?


2012-07-19 16:56:53 by M-Maher

I, M-maher, I portray myself as a devils advocate in the presence of many, I try to approach humans from the outside, through functional means, I change my perspective to see only bodies that produce, to throw away the humanity in myself and provoke those I respect so dear without my knowledge or intent.

Is this an emerging habit or a true part of my subconscious rearing its head above the waters of secrecy? I confess I do not know and all it has done is created enemies for me, enemies that think of me lesser than waste, I can apologize, but does that really make it okay? does that really wash away my sins? does praying to some god redo my actions and mend the relationships I have gone and broken, what can suffice? what can satisfy my need for retribution, when I am limited on my actions....when I perish peoples inspirations and show them cynical outlooks, when I lead people to believe I wish this world dead, does a simple apology suffice?!

In the haze of my growing knowledge and narcissism I have forgotten humanity and grown hateful and distrusting, aiming for functional answers, for you see I perceive this world as mechanical; it is the structure of a Rube Goldberg machine, something that is entirely unnecessary and inefficient, but what I do not see though this structure is a purely more organic system, something that is more efficient and more necessary than all that feeds off of information and gives out results, it is the endless human struggle, and it is a thing I have ignored.

The progress of man, the process of technological, social and economic evolution, this; the embodiment of all of mans work, the very thing we work towards progressing, this entity we all live for and all add to.

Human history; the very thing that chronicles this struggle for progress, look back to it my brothers, speak of it to your people and spread its tragedies so time may never repeat itself and spread word of its highest moments so we may not be ignorant of the past, being ignorant of our past leads to mass foolishness; the loss of common sense, the loss of knowledge, without the knowledge of the past how can we know if we are progressing to the future? how can we know what has been achieved? and what hasn't? Children of today show disinterest in our peoples past but that is only because our school systems are of the past, everything needs to adapt, everything needs to evolve, we cannot simply stay in the same year due to a dictation by some leader, social attitudes and social mannerisms change throughout the years, evolution does not just effect our bodies it effects our minds, our personalities and our instincts, without this we would not be the mightiest race upon the green and blue rock of earth, we would not be a sentient race with speech and intelligence.

We can no longer live our lives in solitude, we must join together, we must work together, we must collaborate to achieve our goals together, to help one another, to take heed of each others words and discuss in a civil manner our ideals, our dreams of splendor and of the sublime, grow yourself, grow your skill, grow as an artist, as a musician, as a programmer and game designer, as an animator, but never forget to grow as a human, do not rule over each other; be leveled, you are no more a king than the person next to you, your aspirations of being god are delusions! and in the end the thing that will kill you is your own arrogance.

While men quarrel over money and natural resources we will pray for their lives, not to the gods, no, not to Omnipotent beings, we will pray to our governments to stop their greed, we will demand they become human once more, to join together and speak the voice of sanity with our people, and while the lesser people quarrel we will be here on our dainty little rock in among space telling stories of valor, telling stories of greatness and goodwill, depicting humans in their greatest of times and in their lowest.

So I bid thee: be human, contribute to the human struggle, do not go against yourself, do not go against others, the human struggle is not a war or a battle, it is a journey we all take, it is an adventure of invention, of discovery, to uncover facts and to dream up fiction, this is the human struggle to me, follow it, do not hinder it with your beliefs, only progress it with your beliefs, join together with those you love and those you hate, in the end we are all human, forgive all those who have done you wrong and come more closer to a peaceful reality, throw aside your discrimination's if you hate one man you hate all men, if you hate all men you hate yourself.

This is my message, I have no more to say.

Shitty music I like

2012-07-02 21:39:33 by M-Maher
Updated - Motley Crew - Kick start My Heart - Scorpins - Rock You Like A Hurricane - HANK WILLIAMS - ALONE AND FORSAKEN - Daft Punk - Human After All - Speed Racer Theme '08 - The Bloody Beetroots - Star One - Intergalactic Space Crusaders - Patsy Cline - Crazy - MGS Peace Walker OST - Heavens Divide - Trocadero - Superhero - SKRILLEX - Bangarang - Phantom Planet - Big Brat - Limehouse Blues - Esquivel - Hollywood Swinging - Kool & The Gang - KC & The Sunshine Band - Get Down Tonight - Wild Cherry - I Love My Music - No love lost - LCD Sound system (Joy Division Cover) - Gorillaz - Rock The House - Meco - Star Wars - Primus - Wynona's Big Brown Beaver - Jack McVea-Inflation Blues - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Soundtrack - Crazy Chocobo - Brazilian Girls - Good Time - Brazilian Girls - Nouveau Americain - The Protomen - Light up the Night - Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

Steam conversations

2012-06-20 13:04:12 by M-Maher

Talking about weird shit

Steam conversations

inspirational bullshit

2012-06-14 18:23:32 by M-Maher

I really hate people who post inspirational bullshit on the internet, life is not a fairy tale, there are no knights in shining armor, no fairy godmothers and you will only fuck you life up playing into these illusions, only people who take initiative and use others as stepping stones get to the top, the only reason we are the dominant species is because we can destroy the lives of other species and destroy them without remorse, the only reason why your life is shit is because of the choices you, or someone around you made, stop blaming others for your deficiencies, they are your problems, no one elses, you are not special, you are not random, you are not weird, you are one in 7,000,000,00 only 100 of that 7,000,000,00 gives 2 fucks about you and if you post that inspirational bullshit only 25 out of that 100 will care. so what I'm trying to say is; FUCK YOU, you wide eyed, glittery, narrow-minded, sack of dumb-fuckery.

want a breath mint?

2012-06-05 13:59:09 by M-Maher

I buy the weirdest shit.
found these in a very small alleyway store.

want a breath mint?