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wow, that was fuckin' gahbage.


If gold was a comedy animation, it'd be terribly impractical and look shit in comparison to other animations, thankfully this animation is not gold, it is plutonium: it comes in with an explosion of hilarity equal to that of a nagasaki fat man and leaves a smile on your face like a radioactive fallout killing frowns everywhere.

Can I express my feelings? are there words I can say about this? I cannot

This, this short film, it, it's amazing! I am in awe, its perfect, its the type of thing European animation is famous for, I wish more could see this, to experience it as I did.

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that M-Maher guy seems like an asshole

Twas the most hilarious and exhilarating game of all time.

playing the game was fun and hilarious, that's about it, and that's all i ask of a game, this game delivered that and dear game producer I thank thee.

You have done what other triple A console games have failed at, and that is to entertain me, the game was not tedious, or dis-interesting, it was what a game was supposed to be; entertainment.

Congladgeration u hayv wun da internutz!

Criticism: sound effects: not original, remember there being original SFX in the animation Y U NO HAVE SFX FROM/ RESEMBLING ORIGIONAL?!?

Woa so retro

Ive played this game many times before, but this one i found to be alot more entertaining.

There are a few differences between this one and the original arcade cabinet, firstly the original utilized vector graphics whilst this went for bitmapping, also the graphics on this are made to resemble an old 8080 PC monitor witch to me personally gave me nostalgia for the days of old when loading up a word document took you ages to achieve.

The soundtrack isn't as primitive as what the sound chips on computers of old would give you, but really is that a bad thing? yes if you're looking for authenticity, but for a generally good experience this works fine and id hapily have it on my itouch.

The sound effects are from Mario bro. if I'm not mistaken, to be quite honest they were very well hidden, i hadn't realized until half way through my session with the game. amazingly they work well for a space ship shooters.

The gameplay is true to the original with some subtle differences; power ups, lives and power downs all dawn the battleground with special asteroids for bonus points, what would be cooler is if the player got multipliers for each and every asteroid they shot down, also i found myself longing for the origional as that allowed players to stop mid fight, I actually looked for the paralysis power down just so i could stay stationary, i guess this adds to the hardness of them game and i should just stop complaining.

The controls are average PC controls, THEY WORK, space bar to shoot, arrow keys to move, esc to pause, Alt+F4 to rage quit, its all very well done, its not too overly complex and you can simply jump into a game anytime and not even think to yourself "what were the controls again" unlike in some other triple A titles witch have overly complex button mapping, in this you dont think about button placement, you just do from instinct, without a doubt this is good game design.

To be honest the way the game is now it deserves the daily 5th prize, Its earned it, its very entertaining and very fun, its very well designed and not at all hard to jump into.

reQuiem3d responds:

Hi! Thanks for great review!

Sounds are original except 1up sound ( i think this is the best 1up sound ever :) )

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I want a print of this. I really dig it, its got that feel you know?

that glossy glass-like reflection is something I've been after for months now, just comes to show how much study and practice matter.

I love how detailed this is, I would care to get more angles of this but such is life, all-round the texture of the skin is very diversified by the mesh sculpting and the overlay texture adds to the already potent detail, all-round its some of the best 3-dimensional work out there and you should be proud.

SUIamena responds:

Thank you very VERY much C:

I post pics of my ass on twitter lmao.

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